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回复了 zqwonderboy 创建的主题 Apple MagSafe 充电基座
@lqcc 温度决定速度,实际差距远比纸面参数小,甚至倒挂。我用了这么久对充电速度没有任何不满,相比之下,其它充电器充电导致的手机发烫更令人不悦,PD 的设计相比 Apple 更优雅、实用,可以单手取放


「 When buying wireless chargers there's a lot of misplaced emphasis on the charger's wattage rating. It's an easy stat to be misled by: 15W is almost twice as powerful as 7.5W, so it must be twice as fast, right? Nope, not even close. And we're not just saying that, we've tested the snot out of it.

Some phone manufacturers have proprietary charging protocols (Apple 15W, Samsung 15W) that are not obtainable by 3rd party manufacturers. This means when you put an Apple phone on, say, a PD Wireless Charging Stand, the max charging wattage you'll reach is 7.5W and not 15W. That sounds like a big difference, but in practice (and over numerous lab tests) the relative charging performance is quite similar. In practice, the difference between charging speed with an Apple charger and a Peak Design charger are imperceptible.

The main reason for this is that most phones cannot sustain these high charge powers for more than a short period of time before they heat up and need to reduce charge power for the long remainder of the total charging time. In other words, just because a charger is 15W doesn't mean it always charges your phone at 15W. Most of the time, it will charge your phone at a much lower wattage.

In practice, the time it takes to fully charge your phone depends on a huge range of factors. Your phone model, battery age, power source, case-charger alignment, and—most importantly,—ambient temperature all affect charging speed. Wireless charging is not as fast as corded charging no matter what charger or phone model you may have. If you want the best performance possible you should try and keep your charger as cool as possible. 」
- https://support.peakdesign.com/hc/en-us/articles/5351084746260
4 天前
回复了 zqwonderboy 创建的主题 Apple MagSafe 充电基座
@wangedenr 这个是 MagSafe 15w ,iOS 会自动控温,发热也会影响实际充电速度,不要只看纸面参数
5 天前
回复了 zqwonderboy 创建的主题 Apple MagSafe 充电基座
推荐 Peak Design 的 Wireless Charging Stand ,相比用过的 Apple 和 Belkin ,散热控制更好,无论是充电器本体还是 iPhone 到充满都几乎 0 发热,一台手机用了半年天天充,电池还是 100%(长期温度过高会影响电池寿命)。
45 天前
回复了 zzzkkk 创建的主题 杭州 手里 150 万 年入 54 万 又不想买房了

45 天前
回复了 zzzkkk 创建的主题 杭州 手里 150 万 年入 54 万 又不想买房了
@zzzkkk 买辆车,不拘于一地,只是作为远程工作、休整时的据点,这些城市周边旅游资源都非常丰富,全国各地游客很多,住腻了就换个地方,有钱又有闲才是你的最大竞争优势,遇到了情投意合的对象再按对象的意思走呗。
46 天前
回复了 zzzkkk 创建的主题 杭州 手里 150 万 年入 54 万 又不想买房了
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