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count(t2.*) cnt
t_student t1
left join
t_transactions t2
on = t2.student_id
group by,
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看不见妳的笑 我怎么睡得着 妳的声音这么近我却抱不到
@chanyan #4 mysql8
For example, a VARCHAR(255) column can hold a string with a maximum length of 255 characters. Assuming that the column uses the latin1 character set (one byte per character), the actual storage required is the length of the string (L), plus one byte to record the length of the string. For the string 'abcd', L is 4 and the storage requirement is five bytes. If the same column is instead declared to use the ucs2 double-byte character set, the storage requirement is 10 bytes: The length of 'abcd' is eight bytes and the column requires two bytes to store lengths because the maximum length is greater than 255 (up to 510 bytes).

The effective maximum number of bytes that can be stored in a VARCHAR or VARBINARY column is subject to the maximum row size of 65,535 bytes, which is shared among all columns. For a VARCHAR column that stores multibyte characters, the effective maximum number of characters is less. For example, utf8mb4 characters can require up to four bytes per character, so a VARCHAR column that uses the utf8mb4 character set can be declared to be a maximum of 16,383 characters.
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