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回复了 imherer 创建的主题 程序员 请教一个 SQL 写法
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回复了 w292614191 创建的主题 Java 微服务在企业中如何复用?
Highly maintainable and testable
Loosely coupled
Independently deployable
Organized around business capabilities
Owned by a small team
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回复了 RiceMarch 创建的主题 Java Java 泛型 接口返回类 如何面对 空?
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回复了 caowentao 创建的主题 职场话题 回顾了最近几场面试,感觉遇到小人了
@djoiwhud 你看的都是什么乱七八糟的书
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回复了 fxjson 创建的主题 程序员 Java 如何解决内存泄露问题,有哪些手段

btw 我这面给你解决内存泄露的话先远离你周边的小伙伴,结交一些懂技术的就可以了
@sadfQED2 这个有问题?国内百分之 80 程序员对面相对象停留在认识字的阶段
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回复了 AAASUKA 创建的主题 Java Spring 里 Service 层分成接口+Impl 的好处是什么?
Should we use interfaces with our Service Beans?

Short answer: No.

If you want the long answer, here it is:

One of the main interests of using Spring is AOP. This is the technology that allows Spring to add new behaviors on top of your Beans: for instance, this is how transactions or security work.

In order to add those behaviors, Spring needs to create a proxy on your class, and there are two ways of creating a proxy:

If your class uses an interface, Spring will use a standard mechanism provided by Java to create a dynamic proxy.

If your class doesn’t use an interface, Spring will use CGLIB to generate a new class on the fly: this is not a standard Java mechanism, but it works as well as the standard mechanism.

Some people will also argue that interfaces are better for writing tests, but we believe we shouldn’t modify our production code for tests, and that all the new mocking frameworks (like EasyMock) allow you to create very good unit tests without any interfaces.

So, in the end, we find that interfaces for your Service beans are mostly useless, and that’s why we don’t recommend them (but we leave you with the option to generate them!).
336 天前
回复了 AAASUKA 创建的主题 Java Spring 里 Service 层分成接口+Impl 的好处是什么?
粘一段 Jhispter 对这里的理解
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回复了 liliumss 创建的主题 程序员 关于 DDD 的感想
还面临一众读不懂 ddd 瞎吓唬 ddd 的人,比如一楼。
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回复了 Braisdom 创建的主题 程序员 凡事就怕问为什么(认识的升级)系列一
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